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Airpoint is a simulation center for aviation professionals. Thanks to its simulators, the A320SR FNPT II MCC (in the process of certification), the B737 SR, and the A320SR Full Motion, it provides intensive, quality training, based on training programs designed by and for pilots.


Flight simulation and training for pilots 

The courses are taught by a staff of highly qualified instructors and satisfy all the training requirements the pilot should prepare for, including MCC courses, preparation for airline calls for candidates, JOC, and Skills Training.

The Airpoint Flight Simulation Center is a subsidiary of Simloc Research, an enterprise dedicated to providing engineering services and to the manufacture of flight simulators. The great advantage of Airpoint as a training center is that it benefits from the continuous contributions made by Simloc, which offers the latest advances applied to the field of aeronautics. A team of engineers from our parent company ensure the quality of the simulators. Training with the most suitable means is the key to flight safety, and Simloc provides those means.

As a part of its commitment to the promotion of aeronautical culture, Airpoint provides enthusiasts, in general, with the opportunity to enjoy, exclusively, a Professional Simulation Center where they can live unrivaled experiences. In this regard, the unique F18 SR Super Hornet combat simulator, developed by Simloc in close collaboration with fighter pilots, faithfully reproduces the behavior and performance of this versatile fighter-bomber.

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