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The Airpoint facilities at Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport, in addition to their professional functionality, are open for the holding of events. Due to its privileged location, it offers magnificent views of the runway and flight platform, providing you with a constant window onto air traffic operations.


Celebration of events

The spaces available make it a unique and exclusive place to hold business meetings, product presentations, conventions, etc. 

 Airpoint can organize meetings at its Simulation Center and around the Airport, for 10 people, or for up to more than 1000 people, thanks to its collaborative agreements with the Infante de Orleans Foundation and the Spanish Royal Aero Club. History and technology come together in an unparalleled space, in the Capital of Spain.


1. Experiences on flight simulators 
An exclusive experience on our professional simulators. Guests will enjoy a day filled with aeronautics, first, by getting behind the controls of an Airbus 320 Full Motion simulator and living a unique experience as pilots.

But no day would be complete without flying in two more planes: one, a passenger jet, the B737 SR, and the other, a fighter plane, the F18 SR SuperHornet.

In addition, thanks to the collaborative agreement with the FiEx management training company (specialized in adapting the work methodology employed by combat pilots to the world of business management), we offer the following:

2. Business training courses
This is where combat pilots combine their continual improvement processes and teamwork practices, using Airpoint flight simulators

3. Conferences
The fighter pilots share their experience in complex scenarios and uncover parallels with the business world. Travel with them and discover how the successful execution of their missions can be compared to successful business project development.

4. Teambuilding
Activity created and directed by authentic Fighter Pilots, where they can develop all their skills: situational leadership training, teamwork, and coordination and communication, following the same management procedures that fighter pilots use in their combat missions. An unforgettable and enriching experience which will allow you to achieve greater productivity.

5. Kickoff
Activity created and directed by authentic Fighter Pilots, where the objective of the mission is to create an environment of teamwork, with different departments or sections flying in formation in search of a common goa, and always using Fighter Pilot management methodology. 

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