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Airpoint has simulators aimed at professional pilot training, including the new A320SR FNPT II MCC and B737 SR. In addition, they offer enthusiasts, in general, the chance to enjoy unique experiences, thanks to the popular A320SR Full Motion simulator and the spectacular F-18 Super Hornet simulator.

Simulators for professional use

Airpoint has two flight simulators, benchmarks in commercial aviation: the A320 and the B737.

Both incorporate an instructor station which offers all types of functions (controls, positioning, environment, failures, etc.) and are optimized for MCC and CRM courses (coming soon) and for professional training directed by qualified pilots with type rating or by SFI that offer the best flight instruction at a price adapted to the times.

Our flight simulators are the foundation of the best training for those professionals interested in:

Simulators - a world of experiences

Airpoint maintains part of its simulator park for the enjoyment of unique aeronautical experiences. This means that the true aviation enthusiast who lacks professional qualifications can enjoy authentic flight decks that faithfully reproduce the cockpit of civilian and military aircraft that fly the skies around the world. 

The star is a simulator of the F18 Super Hornet fighter bomber, the only one in Europe outside of the military, developed by Simloc, with close collaboration involving combat pilots.

You can also "pilot" - always under the supervision of an instructor - a A320 Full motion, a B737 or the versatile Beechcraft Bonanza, the airplane that holds the record for longest production in history: 17,000 units built