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Aeronautical English Course

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English is the official language of aviation. It is mandatory that it be spoken correctly, at the individual level, in order to work as a pilot with foreign airlines, and, at the aeronautical level, in order to maintain reliable communications.


English courses and seminars

Given the growing demand for training in aeronautical English, Airpoint has developed the following courses and seminars in English, featuring aeronautical phraseology and taught by specialized, native teachers.

Weekly English classes.

Intended for those professionals who know English and now need either to begin studying or to become much more familiar with aeronautical English.

Duration: 2 hours, or 4 hours. 

Maximum 6 students, in order to guarantee the quality of the sessions

Intensive English course.

For company entrance, there are two types of courses, depending on the level of the students. Both include specific preparation and "panel interview".  

Duration: 20 hours, or 40 hours.

Reduced rates for groups. Estimated duration for the course is one month. 

Linguistic competence examination.

For the ICAO exam. Week long course with preparation focused on obtaining the certificate. Exam fees included in the price and small groups.

Tailor-made courses.

​​​​​​​If the above options do not fit the student's needs and budget, Airpoint prepares customized courses. 

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