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Working as a pilot

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As dictated by European regulations, "Anyone who undertakes training to pilot an aircraft must have sufficient educational, physical and mental maturity to acquire, retain and display the theoretical knowledge and relevant practical skills"


Working as a pilot

That is, no specific prior requirement is required. This "generous" concept may allow any student the opportunity to enter the exciting world of aviation and one day work as a pilot, but achieving that goal depends strictly on the future aviation professional's completion of a thorough, rigorous training.

In order to fly any type of aircraft, the steps one takes to achieve this objective must be preceded by training towards qualification, by personal effort, and by qualified instruction.

There are two paths one can follow to work as a pilot: the civilian path, and the military path. In the latter case, the professional route one would take involves a particular mode of entry and procedures via the military. Any interested party, in Spain, can find more information at

If you choose the civilian route, the PTLA license qualifies you to exercise the profession of commercial pilot. Requirements of the future student:

  •  Age: 18, minimum, and high school diploma.  
  •  English  Level: Cambridge University Advanced.
  •  First class medical certificate.

At present, all the schools that prepare students and offer the commercial license are private; the commercial license can be obtained through an integrated course, usually over the course of a year and a half, or a modular course, which requires an estimated execution time of three years. The guide price for the course, in both cases, is 70,000€.


Training is the basis for success

Once you have obtained your pilot  license, you must train on the simulators for the different types of aircraft you choose in order to prepare for the calls for candidates made by the airlines.

Being in regular contact with cockpits, procedures and lessons taught by qualified and expert pilots is the immediate step to take in order to secure a job as a pilot. Furthermore, active pilots who wish to improve their recurrent training and choose new professional paths must recreate all the maneuvers and operations that the practice of flight requires and that today are performed by means of courses given on simulators.

To achieve this goal, AIRPOINT provides all the technical means, with its A320SR and B737 SR simulators, and the human means, thanks to their team of qualified, top notch instructors.

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